Are we shooting or what?!

lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2007


The street was almost empty, it had been raining and she was soaked. A man, who was speaking to himself and had two dogs, crossed her path. She looked downwards, as if doing so could make her invisible. What was the man speaking about? He seemed mad, which inspired her fear; therefore, she hurried her steps to get home.

She entered into her apartment and took a shower to avoid getting the flu. When she was finished, she sat in front of her computer and started to write. Any specific idea was in her mind, but she liked to write. The words appeared on the computer screen and the smooth rhythm of the keys tranquilized her. She was thinking about that, when she felt a sting on her forearm and turned around to see what had pricked her; however, she didn’t see a thing.
Soon she felt another one, and another; it seemed as if a thousand small tiny bugs were attacking her: first in the arm, then in the hands, then in the legs. She got up from the chair and began to scratch her skin but the itchiness got worse and worse. Desperate, she looked for a reason for the burning sensation in her body. The skin became more sensitive, and then, they were not stings that she felt, but bites!. Thousands of small mouths with sharpened teeth biting her flesh. She ran to the bath, took her clothes off and got back into the shower.
The cold water seemed to calm her pain as the annoyance went away, she tried to maintain her calm; she closed the cold water and began to fill the bathtub with warm water. The level of the water rose and she relaxed more and more. Soon, she was enjoying a pleasant bath, then she closed her eyes, the silence was reassuring.
Suddenly, she heard a grunt and felt a presence in the bathroom, she didn’t want to open her eyes, the fear began to invade her body, but she couldn’t stay there for always, opened her eyes and was faced with two dogs that showed their threatening teeth. She could Not even shout. The man who was stopping the dogs loosed the strap and began to speak, she didn’t know what he was saying, but he seemed mad and the silence began to fill with barks and the voice of a man who was saying an angry litany.

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